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    Psychological Counselling & Coaching
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Why Talk Matters?

Talking through our matters matters. Every day we experience our lives, we learn and we grow. Talking plays an important role, which is unique to human nature and crucial for humanity to thrive. Our daily events and encounters trigger emotions that are at times positive and at times unwanted. Talking helps to connect with the emotional part of the brain and access relevant experience, allowing us to process our feelings more effectively.

Why is it important to process your feelings?

Negative feelings may lead to maladaptive behaviors that diminish quality of life. This is something no one wants. Obtaining prolonged wellness, at work or individually, requires us to take a step further to understand the meaning behind what we feel. In the survival mode of humanity, feelings signal the brain and the body to react. Feelings are helpful and it is not healthy to avoid them.

TalkMatters presents an invitation to talk and walk together. By revisiting the experiences and feelings that matter, they allow a vital moment of clarity and vulnerability; and the opportunity to appreciate what you have gone through with kindness and compassion.
No matter what our emotions feel like - love, happiness, pride, stress, anxiety or anger - they are helpful in bringing us insights and new perspectives. Just like these pens, each one is dissimilar but they are all good for writing.