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    Psychological Counselling & Coaching
We all wish to get closer to the fundamentals of LIFE - love, intimacy, faith and energy. Yet while we live and grow, life may be full of challenges, distress and negative emotions that are hard for an individual to manage and maneuver.

You are not alone if you find yourself disturbed by the following:

  • Feeling anxious, depressed and stressed
  • Workplace, personal development or relationship challenges
  • Parenting issues 
  • Sleeplessness, loss of appetite and interest, lack of meaning and motivation, unclear self-image and worthiness, loneliness, too little love or too much care, feeling stuck in everything you do

How does it work?
As an emotions guide, we facilitate clients to identify feelings and importantly the meaning behind them. Together we redefine the perception of your discomfort, discover new dimensions and gather strength for change. We will talk through your issues, conflicts and adversities. It is a process where there is no judgement; a journey whereby we are your true companions; and a discourse of equality and inclusivity. We work to unveil your inner emotions gradually - imagine the peeling of an onion! Through reflection and re-visiting what you have gone through, we get closer to insights that promote clarity of deep-rooted needs that may not have been met. The outcome could be the reclaim of resilience or a new-found power of healing that ultimately enhances your emotional wellness.
We believe in connecting with you and inviting you to confront with your true needs. Privacy and confidentiality are essential parts of the process as we cherish the trust you put in us.
Negative emotions are like a glass of water that has mud at the bottom. You just want to spoon the mud away, but when you do this, the water immediately becomes muddy and messy. Our process asks you to tolerate this unwanted state, and then patiently step by step, we will succeed in making the water clear again. You might feel uneasy or even pained as feelings are stirred up. Yet, rest assured that at TalkMatters, we provide a safe space to stay true to yourself, embrace your feelings, and then find empowerment and the strength to endure.
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