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    Psychological Counselling & Coaching

About The Therapist

Lilian possesses over two decades' management experience in multi-national corporations. She believes that each individual is unique and is irreplaceable. The therapeutic process is perceived as a partnership between client and therapist, and Lilian pursues an outcome that empowers the client to reclaim wellness and positivity. In a therapeutic context, every person deserves a personalized therapeutic approach. She practices a selection of interventions based on psychodynamic theories (a reveal of the unconscious shaped by past experience) with reference to individual profile.

Education and Counselling Experience

Lilian possesses a Master's Degree in Social Sciences (Counselling) from the University of Hong Kong and is a member of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. She has extensive experience working with adolescents in a secondary school setting, dealing with issues such as general anxiety, low self-esteem, learning and focus. With adults, she has handled cases relating to parenting, relationship and anger management; as well as anxiety at work.

Additional Experience

Lilian is also skilled in life coaching and mentorship. She holds the following positions and experience:
  • Mental Wellness Counselling Service Collaborator, Aberdeen Kai-fong
    Welfare Association Social Service – “Charging Action for Mental
    Wellness” (May-June 2022)
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Global Coach Group (since July 2021)
  • Volunteer Staff Mentor of HER Fund (2021)
  • Wellness Writer for Cosmopolitan website (since 2021)
  • Volunteer Mentor and Counsellor of HKU Counselling Unit (since 2020)
  • Mentor of CUHK School of Journalism and Communication Taught Postgraduate Mentorship Program (since 2020)
  • Volunteer Member of Board of Advisors, Baptist University Master of Business Administration (2016-2019)
  • Volunteer Coach at workplace (2012-2020)

Areas of Interest

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A widely used intervention for its proven efficacy and goal-oriented approach. It helps to investigate how one’s thought patterns work and how it may lead to distress and maladaptive behaviors. Ongoing homework is a key component in the drive for adaptive thoughts and the subsequent improvement in mood.

Mindfulness & Positive Psychology

Founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives. There is a natural tendency to cultivate the best qualities within ourselves, which everyone possesses in different ways. Positive Psychology and its mindfulness component amplify personal strengths, self-compassion and social connection, while allowing individual to heal based on these values.

Emotional-focused Therapy

Gently explores emotions and invites a genuine conversation with the inner self. With empathy and compassion, it effectively promotes the release of blockages, enabling greater flexibility in applying different healing solutions.

Solution-focused Therapy

A goal-directed approach with limited reference made to the context of the emotional issues. Its primary focus is on the present and future; and on addressing HOW to resolve the matters that disturb clients.