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Invitation as panel speakers on women wellness

Glad to have been invited by Bazaar At Work Summit to share the topics of work-life integration, parenting and self-care with over 200 guests.  Efforts to create “me” space is key to women wellness who are in a mode of constant multitasking.  Time and efforts are needed to squeeze more out of the tooth paste tube (we all have limited headspace) and to tidy up our mental baggage.

#depression #anxiety #stress #wellness #self-care #metime #daretounsubscribe #tidyup #mentalbaggage Extended reading for parents, understand more about the kids : https://www.facebook.com/100065381803401/posts/pfbid02hKZQU1MhbR8oTbknvXeEbnLYtrCMaZhEUPbQVVgJdEkkc8sX5YdfFm8Q8UdfEy2Wl/?mibextid=jf9HGS