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Interview by HK Economic Times

https://topick.hket.com/article/3077114?r=cpstni Lilian Lam, founder of TalkMatters Psychological Counselling, talks about her personal transformation from a brand communications professional to a humanity service worker. There are both challenging and fruitful moments, calling for great courage and agility. In the changing social and economic contexts, the job market has been drastically impacted.  Many employees are forced to adjust and this is not always easy, especially to the middle-age group. Lilian encouraged all to acknowledge our strengths, experience and past accomplishments. Appreciate and take pride in who we are is a validation that keeps us moving forward.

Nagomi Art Parent-kid Workshop

Tiffany Lam, Director of Marketing and Client Experience, Hysan Place, shares her positive comments on the workshop:

”This summer, we invited TalkMatters to host a special workshop for our members and their kids. It was an inspiring event for all. Kids were given an introduction to why we experience different emotions. They started to understand that there were more to being happy or unhappy. Participants were guided to do breathing exercise, observe their feeling and try out some ways to settle uneasy feelings .

All our members have enjoyed Nagomi art too. The process is a friendly platform for manifestation of creativity and expression of inner thoughts.  I truly believe in its healing nature that empowers individual, at the same time helping to build self appreciation.”